Album of the day: Worm Ouroboros – Come the Thaw

Lovingly pinched from CVLT Nation: A forboding mire of dark synthesizers welcome us to Come the Thaw’s beautifully meloncholic landscape. The ominous drone is only allowed to build briefly before being pierced by a sharp inhalation and a breathy, unsure question:

…How…how will you ever find me now? When your wound is faded, and it’s lost its sound?

As Lorraine Rath and Jessica Way’s hauntingly serene voices swim circles around one another and the steady ambience both, I realized I was listening to the most heartfelt and crushingly depressing album 2012 has thus far offered.

Rath’s bass lines begin to drive the song as the keys slowly die and album opener ‘Ruined Ground’ continues onward, steadily joined by carefully measured drum work and fleeting guitar notes that seem to gracefully waltz around the other instruments. In familiar Worm Ouroboros fashion, the band builds a spectacularly gentle procession before becoming truly heavy… but Come the Thaw approaches that heavy from a completely different angle than the band’s doom-filled S/T release.

Things never really reach the crushing weight of Worm‘s last album, whose murky depths drew many an apt Asunder comparison. For a band who have thus far tooled themselves around that transition between fragile beauty and ass-kicking doom and sludge riffs, you’d think that significantly downplaying that approach would hold this album back, but I will happily go on the record as saying this: Come the Thaw doesn’t need it.

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