Album of the day: Wizard’s Beard – Four Tired Undertakers

Lovingly pinched from Doommantia: When I first heard the Pure Filth release by UK’s Wizard’s Beard I knew this band was going to be something out of the ordinary, a band to take over the UK sludge-metal throne from other past greats such as Iron Monkey and thankfully they haven’t let me down. Four Tired Undertakers is a nasty, toxic dose of afflicting, agonizing, cruel, excruciating doomed sludge that should have ALL fans of the riff drooling with delight. On first spin, this album seems less varied than Pure Filth but that just makes it just that bit more intense and unforgiving.

The doom riff quota in the band has been increased ever so slighty with this album being closer to a kind of early Electric Wizard styled lumbering stoner doom album. There is still the slime and filthy, swampy sludge attack but it is in smaller doses on this CD. There are six tracks stretching the album out to 53 minutes but the way the songs flow one to the next makes it feel like this is one long, torture-filled epic track.

In the past I compared them with Grief, Buzzoven, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Negative Reaction et cetera but now I would like to add one more band to that list – Sleep as the sabbathian element is here in larger doses than in the past with Wizard’s Beard.

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