Album of the day: Sutekh Hexen – Larvae

Lovingly pinched from BRUTALISM: Larvae is the second full length effort from Atmospheric Black / Raw Noise band Sutekh Hexen. The music here is not beautiful, but rather ugly and terrifying, recapturing that raw, evil primal power that made Black Metal such an anomaly when it began in the late 80s and early 90s.

Despite there only being three tracks, the music is epic, but not for the faint of heart (or average Metal fan). Like most Noisecore / Drone / Black Atmospheric albums, the music is highly littered in distortion and ambient effects rather than opposed to just direct riffs and vocal assaults with keyboards in the background or moments of avant-garde technicality to ‘soften up the mood.’

While there is some moments of softness such as the keyboards of ‘Isvar Savasnsa’ and ‘Let There Be Light’, this is the kind of softness one might hear in a horror or terrifying move right before a grisly kill. It is unnerving and disturbing, though at the same time oddly pleasant to hear.

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