Album of the day: Voivod – Dimension Hatröss

Lovingly pinched from The Ripple Effect: When we last left our hero, the Voivod was surviving nuclear holocaust, technical dissolution, social anarchy, and an all around bad day. Where Killing Technology was a discordant chant of brutality and chaos, Dimension Hatröss takes the band’s sound one step closer to realization. Complex time changes and odd chord progressions still rule the day, it’s just that they’re performed with more deliberation, with more technical knowhow and experience.

Dimension Hatröss was the album where we see Voivod hurtling through the cosmos and entering another dimension of sight and sound. Elaborate and so far ahead of its time, this was the album I bowed to in high school. Where everyone else I knew was passing the collection dish in the church of Metallica, I was up the street and around the corner in a place where a mechanized creature gave sermons that captured the imagination of those in attendance. Ah, the future never looked so bleak and beautiful at one given moment!

Dimension Hatröss is an incredible tale of the Voivod character being immersed in a society of totalitarian rule where the citizens are brainwashed and forced to lose all individuality. Hhmmm . . . it doesn’t sound too far from where we’re at with our society now, does it? And this multi-layered story has a soundtrack that goes with it. Musical arrangements filled with tension to the point of bursting, emotions bubbling over, creating a maelstrom of moods, all conflicted with one another.

The guitar work on this album is otherworldly. Layer upon layer of effects help Piggy create the cosmos for the Voivod to wander. Snake’s vocals add a psychotic tone to the whole tale, lending credence to the mind rape the lead character goes through. The rhythm section of Blacky and Away lay down a low end menace to establish a feeling of dread.

‘Experiment’ leads off the disc, telling the technical tale of the Voivod smashing atoms and creating a new universe. High energy off time riffs with complex tempo changes set the stage for the entire album, which ultimately leads us to ‘Tribal Convictions’. The menacing rumble of Blacky and Away builds this beast of a tune and introduces the Voivod to the new dimension. This massive intro gives the tune an epic feel and I’ve often wondered why they didn’t lead the album off with this tune, though in hind sight, I know it wouldn’t convey the story in the same way. It’s an absolutely brilliant tune that questions blind faith and absolute power.

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