Album of the day: Amebix – Sonic Mass

Lovingly pinched from Metal as Fuck: Amebix is a name that you’ll have come up against more than once if you’re a long-in-the-tooth fan of heavy music. Theband’s squalid, uncomfortable mix of anarcho-crust lyrical drive and sludgy death metal sonic dynamics has proved a fertile template for more than one bunch of noisy upstarts since the band’s Devon-based inception in the late seventies.

In its 2011 incarnation, Amebix is an altogether more sophisticated beast, plying a riff-heavy trade that, especially on the likes of the strident ‘God of the Grain’ or the utterly convincing Here Come the Wolf (sic), comes on like a reggae / electronica-free version of the mighty Killing Joke.

There’s literally no fat on this release at all, as each one of the ten tracks gets straight to the point, the result being an album that delivers a constant stream of high quality, intelligently bombastic doom, interspersed with the likes of the quasi-title track, ‘Sonic Mass Part 1′ where the band ventures into the kind of neofolk territory that’s usually the domain of acts such as Sol Invictus . Follow up track ‘Sonic Mass Part 2’ adds a bit of Motorhead and Hawkwind to the mix, but this album is more – so much more – than a mere game of spot the influence.

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