Album of the day: Eyehategod – Preaching The End Time Message (LP)

Lovingly pinched from MetalReview: It’s nice for a (sorta) hardworking metal reviewer to take a break from the torrent of metalcore releases once and a while, and it’s doubly nice to do so for the sake of an excellent and underappreciated band. NOLA greats Eyehategod are, obviously, back in the game, albeit via a slightly spotty odds’n’ends compilation. Preaching the End Time Message (out now on vinyl via Alone Records, hence the album of the day feature) is composed of five assorted 7” and split EP tracks, two live recordings, and three brand new beatdown demos. Though it’s probably not the best starting place for EHG newcomers, this collection will probably be of value to veteran fans if for no other reason than the presence of the band’s first new material in years.

Those who’ve heard Eyehategod before will pretty much know what to expect here: a lethal dose of beer-soaked, lighter-scorched vitriol. Instead of attempting to intimidate with epic scope or bleak mood, as does most doom metal, these miscreants basically cut to the chase and get right in the listener’s face. The songs are slow but not glacial and the riffs are bluesy without ever hinting at bounciness; the Sabbathian lineage is clear, but Eyehategod owe just as much to the frothy-mouthed intensity of Black Flag (ever hear ‘Damaged I‘?) and their ilk.

The atmosphere here is generally one of extreme hostility, and when these guys kick up the tempo (opener ‘Methamphetamine’, which is actually a retitled ‘Peace Thru War’) the resultant thrashing and ranting is far more punk than anything else. This said, the vast bulk of the material here lurches or thunders along at paces designed to maximize ear damage, and it’ll damn sure make you bob your head against your will.

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