Album of the day: Indian – Guiltless

Lovingly pinched from Revolver Magazine: Chicago quintet Indian surpass Relapse Records labelmates Cough as the modern monarchs of Electric Wizard-worship on their fourth full-length, Guiltless. But whereas Cough often sound like a straight-up tribute band, Indian bring a unique perspective to their dopesmoking doom. In particular, vocalist-guitarist Will Lindsay’s experience in psychedelic black-metal luminaries Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium shines through the thick, brooding darkness to make something denser and richer than standard-fare Sabbathian sludge.

‘No Grace’ opens the album with a shockingly original and bizarrely phrased riff, while the vocals strike a screeching cadence that resounds from the deepest, trippiest corners of doom and black metal. The end of the track shows the black-metal influence at its most obvious with a soaring, hauntingly gorgeous riff that would sound at home on Weakling’s Dead as Dreams.

Continue reading; Review: Indian – Guiltless – Revolver Magazine.

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  1. Jelle says:

    And Indian will be playing in Tilburg on September 16th!

    Check out for more info and tickets.

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