Finland Chart:Wolf People UK’s Tom Watt unearths Finnish Psych Rock, Prog, Acid Folk and Jazz.

Inspired by yearly trips to Northern Finland with his girlfriend, Wolf People UK‘s Tom Watt has been collecting Finnish records for a few years now and has amassed a healthy collection of Suomalainen psych rock, prog, acid folk and jazz.

Finland Chart
Compiled by Tom Watt

Mr Madman- Hullu Madman (45, Madman)

This little known, hard hitting psych rock / pop 45 is one of my favourite tracks of all time! It features Frank Robson (from Tasavallan Presindentti) singing in a rather strange mix of Finnish and English. I believe it also features the legend Seppo “Paroni” (“the baron”) Paakkunainen, but information about this is quite hard to come by in English.

Tasavallan Presidentti- Struggling For Freedom (S/T 2)

One of the most acclaimed bands ever to hail from Finland; this is Tasavallan Presidentti at their best. They were pretty much a “super-group” of Finnish musicians at the time and enjoyed some success in the rest of Europe but never really “made it” out side of Finland which is a shame as they truly deserved to.


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One Response to “Finland Chart:Wolf People UK’s Tom Watt unearths Finnish Psych Rock, Prog, Acid Folk and Jazz.”

  1. Mikk says:

    This is interesting. This same recording Hullu Madman has been published by the band Dopplerin Ilmiö (The Doppler Phenomen). Obviously a pastime work by finnish top musicians. The singer and song writer is Frank Robson, UK born, but living in Finland since 1967. Other musicians on this recording are Ilpo ”Ilja” Saastamoinen on guitar and bass, Esko ”Rusina” Rosnell on drums, Seppo ”Paroni” Paakkunainen and Pertti ”Kalle” Fält on saxophones. My guess is that this “Mr. Madman” publication was aimed for outside Finland sales. IMHO the lyrics are hilarious, requires understanding of both languages though. Congratulations Tom you have a very rare recording in your shelf. If you would be so kind and post also the flipside. I have never heard it before.

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