The Obelisk Roadburn 2010 Report

Because New Jersey Man on the Street H.P. Taskmaster (operating under the awkward alias “JJ Koczan”) has been doing an OUTSTANDING series of reports on Roadburn, including his problems with volcanic ash. Great, great, great stuff. Go read it: Now that I’m here and life is as good as life gets, I just have this to say: I’m really, really fucking glad I made it. There are a lot of people trapped in a lot of places, who’ve spent more money than I have, who aren’t so lucky.

Candlemass has canceled because they can’t get out of Sweden. The Gates of Slumber, Shrinebuilder and Yakuza also won’t be showing up. Shrinebuilder’s merch is here, so at least there’s that. Witchcraft is going to be filling in tomorrow night, and rumors are abound of a second Goatsnake set to come and maybe a second Eyehategod set. That’s not confirmed, so don’t quote me.

Church of Misery - Roadburn 2010 by Achrome Moments Photography

Church of Misery went on at 4:30 and played for an ass-demolishing hour. Before them, I ran out of 013 to Midi Theatre across the street to catch what I could of Master Musicians of Bukkake. I’d never heard them before apart from listening to tracks on their MySpace, but after about 25 minutes of their set, I bought both albums and consider myself a convert. But for their unfortunate moniker, they fucking rule.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Awesome people of the Roadburn organization…
    Like every year, you provided the scene, the fans, and musicians with an outstanding festival! I can only imagine all the hastle you guys have been put through, and still kept this in order. OUTSTANDING!!!


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