Roadburn's Album of the Decade: Electric Wizard – Dopethrone

The votes are in, the points have been awarded and the math has been done. More than 150 of you have taken the time to forward your Top 10 list for the Roadburn Album of the Decade.

Here then is your list (and a stunning list it is). It seems that some bands suffered because they had several good albums in the decade, like High on Fire, Neurosis or Mastodon, but champions Electric Wizard did not suffer from multiple great releases and in the end stood above all the contenders. Their magnum opus Dopethrone was mentioned the most, got the most points and clearly deserved to win. Not satisfied with the top spot, they also had the number 3 album of the decade with Witchcult Today.
Neurosis was the only other band to place two different records on the list, holding spot number 2 with Given to the Rising and number 8 with Eye of Every Storm.

Needless to say, we at Roadburn are very proud that we have had both bands at our festival (listen back to their appearances here (Electric Wizard) and here (Neurosis).


Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

01.Electric WizardDopethrone, 2000 (298)

“How do you review one of the best records you’ve ever heard? That is the challenge that  Dopethrone has presented me with. It is so hard to tell whether an album sounds good in the short term, or whether it will stand the test of time. Luckily, you can look back to the last Electric Wizard full-length Come My Fanatics… and see how that has lasted. Quite nicely, it turns out. Four years have not diminished its potency or impact. Dopethrone maintains all the good things from Fanatics… and then makes it all… well, better. There is just MORE Electric Wizard-ness packed in. Enough to convince me that Dopethrone is an all-time classic.

What is Electric Wizard-ness? It is the primal opposition of different elements: super-saturated distortion next to drugged-out ambient spaces; minimal bpm’s pitted against edge-of-sanity vocals; “essence of Iommi” riffs versus subharmonic drone. It is also a feeling, an atmosphere of sociopathic danger and bleak despair fused with the comforting warmth of fuzz. It’s the uncertainty of taking heavy drugs and the euphoria of a good trip. It is density and space. Darkness and light. Basic, visceral elements translated into music.

In truth, that is exactly what this record is. The band went into the studio with rough outlines of songs, but left the final product up to spontaneous creation. And created the complex simplicity of Dopethrone. Or is it simply complex?

One of the interesting things about Dopethrone is that it nullifies all the normal criteria for judging records. Does it have great songs? Irrelevant. The album is great. Does it have excellent musicianship? Not applicable. The instruments work together as an organic whole. Is it well-produced? Again, not applicable. The sound is a function of the playing. The atmosphere simultaneously creates and is created by the music. This is one seamless unit. This is the dopethrone. Kneel before your liege lord… and inhale deeply” — Drew Webster, Roadburn 2000.

02.NeurosisGiven to the Rising, 2007 (177)
03.Electric WizardWitchcult Today, 2007 (144)
04.Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf, 2002  (130)
05.OmConference of the Birds, 2006 (124)
06.Celtic FrostMonotheist, 2006 (123)
07.Mastodon Leviathian, 2004 (120)
08.NeurosisIn the Eye of every Storm, 2004 (110)
09.Isis – Oceanic, 2002 (97)
10.Wolves in the Throne RoomTwo Hunters, 2007 (94)

Also in contention:

ClutchBlast Tyrant
MelvinsA  senile Animal
Sunn o)))Black One | Monoliths & Dimensions
–  S/T

The rules again:

–     Only discs released between 1-1-2000 and 31-12-2009 counted

–     Roadburn related

–     Number 1 gets 10 points, number 10 gets 1 point

–      Only one disc per artist

–      No re-issues

For our personal lists, please go HERE.

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  1. roadburnfest says:

    Roadburn’s Album of the Decade: Electric Wizard – Dopethrone: The votes are in, the points have been awarded a…

  2. Kaas says:

    Where is Chris Cornell’s Scream :/?

  3. jburnout says:

    Thanks for putting this together!

    I would also be interested in seeing the results tabulated by Band without paying attention to album title. This way bands that had two nearly equally popular choices (say, Great Cessation and Illusion of Motion, or Leviathan and Crack the Skye) would not have their supporters votes ‘split’.

    I guess I can do this myself, huh? Maybe I will take a crack at it during the slow holiday week.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  4. Silvano says:

    Where is Tool’s Lateralus ?
    I was pretty sure that it will make it :'(
    Is that possible to reveal how much did Snailking ?

  5. Blastamor says:

    Thanks guys!

    Wouldn’t that be a great line up for a Roadburn Festival 2010 – Special Edition, The Greatests of the Decade!???

    OK, just dreaming/hoping (2011 maybe?).


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