We need more records: Dust & Grooves – A crate-diggin photo blog

Are you as obsessed with vinyl as we are? Are you a fellow crate-digger, reader, music lover and vinyl junkie? You have to check out a photo-blog, called Dust & Grooves. This guy, named Eilon Paz has posted some very cool interviews with fellow collectors and other like-minded vinyl junkies. Warning: it’s enough to induce a serious case of record collection envy!

Dust & Grooves

“I have bought my first vinyl record, with my own money when I was 9 years old. It was when we lived in Mexico city. The album was Paul McCartney’s Pipes of peace. The next one was Michael Jackson, Thriller. As I grew older, I started  “inheriting” my brother’s and father’s records. Among them was an almost complete collection of The Pink Floyd.
I spent most of my childhood listening to music, searching for records and enriching my musical knowledge. At one point in my life, I had lost all my records in some Ill-fated circumstances. Since then I had become a low profile crate digger. Records and music plays a big role in my life. In this photo documentary, I will try to unify with these true loves of mine. Enjoy.”

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  1. Vincent Duke says:

    Vinyl is life. Well, not the “all” thing, but a nice part of it.

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